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Kulbir Thandi is a London-based photographer whose work covers everything from still life to food and drink, people, automotive, landscapes and locations.

Working out of his own Central London studio with a team that can host full production and post-production facilities on and off site, Kulbir works on worldwide projects for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Kulbir Thandi is a member of Association of Photographers (AOP) which promotes best practice in our industry.

Marcus Veith was born in New York and has the dual German and Swiss citizenship.

As a marketing graduate he worked in Japan then moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where he currently lives.

Ten years ago, he gave up on his career and closed his company down to dedicate his time to travelling and to his self-taught passion: photography.

For a year he strode around the globe with an imaginary companion, super-hero parody: The SleepingBagMan. When Marcus puts on his yellow costume, an immediate bond is created with the people he encounters. Travellers and locals alike smile and laugh with that strange, tall, yellow man.

Marcus seeks beauty and life’s harmony. Through his rigourous yet sensitive perception, he immortalizes the transient beauty of nature into as many marvels and inspirations towards inner peace. His images are an emotion, a state of mind, which leave room for our dreams.

Francisco de Deus is an enthusiastic creative thinker with a passion for storytelling.

While attending school for advertising, Francisco discovered his passion for all things visual. After a brief period as an Art Director, and a series of apprenticeships, he found his true creative calling in conceptual photography

Francisco is known for concepting, creating and incorporating self-styled props in his photographic works. In addition to enhancing an image’s lucidity through the integration of his specialized props – De Deus loves to ‘get his hands dirty’ and overcome obstacles by combining his specialized prop-building and photography skills. 

Francisco is based in Brooklyn and is a proud member of the Art Directors Club.

Photographer Fernando Milani is constantly challenging his creativity and exploring new forms of art. His drive, charisma, and keen sensibility for beauty is what makes his work so unique.

In 2006 Fernando Milani was listed in WWD Beauty Biz Magazine’s “It” list as one of the top Beauty Photographers in the industry. 

He has shot for magazines and publications such as Marie Claire (us), Glamour, InStyle, ELLE (us), Seventeen, Shape, Fitness, Self to name a few. His recent advertising clients include John Frieda, Garnier, Pantene, Sephora, Avon, Gillette, Pepsi Cola, Peroni beer, Philips, Boots(uk), Campbells, Kraft, Bayer, Johson&Johnson.

Marion Jiranek was born from a Czech father, a Swiss mother in the Geneva’s border.

She’s learned many art tricks at her father’s workshop, Ales Jiranek, an urban landscape painter himself.

She majored in Art History. She was a student during the day while she was able to perfect her craft by night.

She is a talented modern artist who gets her inspiration from the 19th to the 21th centuries.

Watercolor, oil and ink are her tools for creating poetry for the eyes. Her style is unique, gracious and inventive.

Marion has been doing solo exhibits since 2002, she’s written 2 children’s books, and she has been commissioned by private firms, Swiss towns and states.


Clarissa P. Valaeys is a Geneva based digital creative director with an obsession for making all things beautiful, useful and meaningful. 

After graduating from Graphic Design school in Brazil she spent 11 years in NYC, studying and working in the creative field as a visual designer and art director in advertising.

She’s learnt from the very best such as iconic designer Milton Glaser, graphic designer and typographer Louise Fili, legendary Stephan Sagmeister, American photographer Duane Michaels, among others.

She moved to France in 2011 and has worked as a digital creative and product stylist ever since.

She works for world-class brands and currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland, where she runs her creative business.

She’s driven by the passion of translating the most unique and personal aspects of a brand into authentic and engaging content.

New York based photographer Luciano Fileti, was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In 2004 Fileti was presented with the opportunity to expand his experience with studio photography when he was offered a position as an assistant to legendary photographer Irving Penn. Fileti worked with Mr. Penn until 2007 when he returned his focus exclusively to his own commercial and artistic pursuits.

Fileti’s first solo exhibit in New York, Signs, was at a private gallery in the West Village in September of 2008. Six years later, in September 2014, he simultaneously exhibited two collections from his Reportage series, Emanations and 100 Faces, in Midtown Manhattan.

Michelli Knauer is a talented traveling New York City based food stylist working in editorial, television, and digital media.

She’s well versed in a vast range of techniques to display food in still photography and moving images, always focusing in seducing and stiring up emotions with her meticulously composed food moments.

She treats food styling as a rehearsed choreography that relies on understanding how food reacts to oxygen, heat and acidity.

She’s been working alongside creative directors, DP’s, photographers and producers creating beautiful food stories for over 10 years.


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